Typical Applications of Fire Bricks (Firebricks):

  • Any type of kiln or furnace
  • Any structures where a high cold crushing strength is required  
  • Abrasive resistant floors
  • Kilns, Firebox, Pit walls
  • Domestic projects: outside ovens, Pizza Ovens, BBQ Ovens, and bread ovens





Super Duty/High Duty Fire Bricks (Firebricks)

42% alumina Super/High Duty Fire Bricks

High quality Firebricks/Fire Bricks (high density, super/high duty firebricks) at low factory direct prices are available in Houston, TX! Consistent high quality, high strength at low prices is guaranteed.

Dense (hard) fire bricks/firebricks can be used in any general purpose where firebricks are needed. They can be used in many types of kilns or furnaces where a high cold crushing strength is required. We can also make bricks according to specific drawings/shapes. Our firebricks contains at least 42% Alumina!

Firebricks bricks can be cut using a circular saw with a diamond blade.

Our High duty firebricks have superior strength in applications of over 3000°F (1650°C). They exhibit low shrinkage, excellent thermal shock resistance, and good resistance to alkali and carbon monoxide disintegration.

KT Fire Bricks (Firebricks) Data Sheet:

Chemical Composition (%)







Physical Properties

Density (kg/cm3)


Cold Crushing Strength (MPa)


Apparent Porosity (%)


Reheat Change

0 - 0.5